Service You Can Count On

  • Dedicated service that starts well before the inspection and continues until well after.
  • Full time office staff that is readily available and makes report and invoice requests and other record-keeping easy.
  • Inspectors who are available to answer your questions, anytime, before and even well after our visit to your home.

Experience You Can Trust

  • Inspectors with decades of combined experience in residential and commercial inspections as Nevada licensed Master, General, and Home Inspectors and Principal Pest Inspectors.
  • Services of established, licensed and insured contractors and specialists are available to go beyond the scope of the typical inspection service.

Reports You Can Understand

  • Delivered the next business day, our reports provide clear, informative, well-categorized write-ups that are easy to read and understand, with large annotated photos, and no confusing checklists.


two story home with large front yard

Home Inspection

The Master and Home Inspectors at Grush Inspections offer decades of combined experience to you when considering the condition of a home.

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molded wood pulled from rotting framework

Pest Inspection

The experienced on-staff Grush Pest Inspectors perform an inspection is focused on wood destroying organisms, including termites, carpenter ants, wood boring beetles and wood destroying fungus and rot.

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skyscraper building with bright blue skies behind it

Commercial Inspection

The Master Inspectors at Grush Inspections are state certified to perform inspections on all commercial structures, including apartment complexes, motels, office buildings and even large warehouses.

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heat and air conditioning fans

Heating and Air Conditioning Inspection

Grush Inspections contracts the services of local heating and cooling contractors for in-depth inspections of HVAC systems.

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blazing fireplace

Fireplace Inspection

The fireplace inspection is more in-depth than the inspection by the home inspector and is a good idea for any fireplace that has seen use but has not been recently serviced.

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man working to clean sewer line obstructions

Sewer Line Inspection

Sewer lines can pose problems, especially in older homes, but the standard visual inspection can do little to identify issues.

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vintage black wood stove with blazing fire

Wood and Pellet Stove Certifications

If you are buying a home in Washoe County with a wood or pellet stove, an inspection is required to ensure that it is certified as clean burning. Learn More