As 2021  ramps up, momentum has not waned for housing as demand continues to grown along with the median price of a home in the Reno/Sparks area. According to latest figures, the housing market in Reno/Sparks (including Spanish Springs and North Valleys) are nearing the half a million dollar mark for the average price on existing homes for sale despite uncertainty from the COVID-19 pandemic, economic volatility and political turmoil.

With no doubt, this is definitely a sizzling market for home owners looking to sell and with demand outpacing development, analysts expect the median price to continue to rise through 2021. With that in mind, for those looking to sell or want to improve their property to prep it for a potential sale, reach out to the experts at Grush inspections. Our certified and knowledgeable inspectors will go through the entire property to inspect the condition of it and will give an honest assessment of its condition and give recommendations on what can be improved if needed.

Addressing any issues before listing a home on the market is always ideal, and with record breaking home prices and buyers shelling out top dollar for what’s available, capitalize on the sale by making sure there are no issues for the potential buyer when they make an offer.

Leave no money on the table by having peace of mind knowing that any potential repairs or issues with a home have been found through an inspection by the experts at Grush Inspections.

Whether it is sewer lines, pests, pellet stoves, windows or anything else, we can take a look at it and let clients know the status of any property whether commercial or residential. The Master and Residential Inspectors at Grush Inspections offer decades of combined experience and will not leave any stone unturned. Simultaneously, inspectors won’t push any work or inspections on clients that are unnecessary.

When contracting with Grush Inspections to examine properties,  we’ll do our best to identify any and all issues that are apparent and options to address them. Let’s get 2021 started in the right direction for sellers by getting the professional touch from Grush Inspections.

To get an opinion from a licensed, trustworthy and professional property inspector schedule an appointment with us by calling (775) 323-1117 or contact us online to request an inspection here. We are standing by