With the New Year still slowly trying to plant its roots, many of us are still feeling inspired to keep marking items off of our to-do lists. Home improvements may not always be fun, but getting your Northern Nevada home inspected by Grush Inspections will give you the peace of mind to keep improving your home and get the big stuff checked off the list.

Grush Inspections contracts the services of local heating and cooling contractors for in-depth inspections of HVAC systems. Although the furnace and air conditioner are reviewed in the course of the standard inspection, systems that are aged or somewhat special can be better understood by a contractor who has specialized knowledge and experience.

When looking for a heat and air conditioning inspection in Northern Nevada, look no further than the professional experience offered by the inspectors and private contractors of Grush Inspections. We can schedule a detailed and thorough heat and air conditioning inspection of your home or commercial property so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of each inspector and contractor.

Delivered the next business day, our reports provide clear, informative, well-categorized write-ups that are easy to read and understand, with large annotated photos, and no confusing checklists. You will be able to fully and completely understand your heat and air conditioning inspection through Grush Inspections’ detailed reports.

Contact the professional inspectors at Grush Inspections today to schedule a consultation and let us take care of the rest.