Grush Inspections’ main goal is to provide you a thorough and honest inspection with a complete and comprehensive report to follow, a report that you can understand and use for future repairs if need be.

Residential and home inspections are not ‘pass’ or ‘fail,’ they are performed to identify potential structural issues and to educate new property owners.

The Master and Residential Inspectors at Grush Inspections offer decades of combined experience to you when considering the condition of a home.

We offer service you can trust and with inspectors employed by Grush that have decades of combined experience in residential and commercial inspections as Nevada licensed Master, General, and Residential Inspectors and Principal Pest Inspectors, you will be glad to know that our services are established, licensed, and performed by insured contractors and specialists that will go beyond the scope of the typical inspection service.

willing to help you take the next step and help you move your process forward.

Grush Inspections provides inspection services in the Reno-Sparks area and provides excellent service that starts before the initial inspection and continues well after.

Just because you aren’t required to hire a home inspector when you buy a new home, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it anyway.  We encourage buyers to come on the inspection with us, so if we do identify a potential problem with the structure, we can point.

The biggest thing that you need to ensure is that the home inspector is licensed in the state they operate.  Home inspections and structural requirements differ from state to state, even from county to county.

It’s always a great choice to schedule a residential inspection – it’s an even better decision when it’s scheduled through us. Contact the professional Nevada licensed Master, General, and Residential Inspectors and Principal Pest Inspectors today for a consultation.