The white hot real estate market shows no sign of slowing down in Northern Nevada. According to the Reno/Sparks Association of Relators, the median sales price of an existing condominium/townhome in Reno/Sparks for September 2020 was $269,250; an increase of 26.4 percent from last year and an all time high. With ever increasing prices, now may be a good time to get a home inspection to verify the condition of your home and see what it may be worth when it is appraised.

Our goal at Grush Inspections is to provide a thorough and honest inspection with a complete and comprehensive report to follow that you can understand and use for future repairs if need be. Residential and home inspections are not ‘pass’ or ‘fail,’ they are performed to identify potential structural issues and to educate new property owners and long time owners to indicate where improvements can be made on properties.

The Master and Residential Inspectors at Grush Inspections offer decades of combined experience and will give an honest evaluation on the condition of a home.

We offer the following types of home inspections:

  • A/C and Heating inspections
  • Pest inspections
  • Sewer line inspections
  • Fireplace inspections
  • Furnace inspections
  • Dry Rot inspections
  • Radon Inspections
  • Window/draft inspections

With all the basis covered, you can be assured that we will get the job done right the first time and have peace of mind that inspections are conducted by our team of professionals.

Why is it important to have a home inspection?

  1. Future Costs & Repairs: When in escrow of purchasing a new home a professional inspection from Grush Inspections is the safest bet in identifying future costs and repairs of your home.
  2. The Right Decision: Is this the right home for you? An affordable home inspection from Grush Inspections provides clear, informative, well-categorized write-ups with all the information you need to make the right decision about purchasing a property or selling yours with ease.
  3. Foundational Issues: The structural integrity of your home is hard to define with the untrained eye. At Grush Inspections we can determine sewer line damage, pests and insect destruction and fungus that can affect your foundation and structure of the property.
  4. Helpful Advice: Our team of Master, General, Residential, and Principal Pest Inspectors are a great source of combined knowledge for home improvement, maintenance and repair tips. Our full-time staff is readily available to answer any and all questions, providing easy-to-read reports delivered within one day, invoices and quality service.
  5. Save Money: Not only will a professional home inspection from a NV state home inspector save you money in the long run, veterans and military members receive a 10% discount off any structural inspection.

Contact Grush Inspections today to request an inspection or price a quote.