In Washoe County, wood burning devices, such as wood stoves and pellet stoves, are regulated by the Washoe County Health District’s Air Quality Division. They are regulated due to the fact that these devices are major contributors to air pollution within the Truckee Meadows region.

For those purchasing a home in Washoe County with a wood or pellet stove, or plan to build a home with a wood or pellet stove, an inspection is required to ensure that it is certified as clean burning.

Before buying a home in the Washoe County area with a wood or pellet stove, contact the professionals at Grush Inspections to make sure there are no issues with the wood or pellet stove in the home that will affect the sale. We will help you determine if it is clean burning or if it will not pass a inspection. The Air Quality Division of the Washoe County Health Department has certified the inspectors at Grush to professionally perform wood and pellet stove inspections throughout the region, assuring our customers that they are receiving dependable and accurate inspections.

If a wood or pellet stove is deemed unusable by a certified Washoe County inspection agency, Washoe County imposes steep and expensive penalties if the non-certified stove isn’t removed. These certifications are required prior to close of escrow on any property transfer by the Washoe County Health Department Air Quality Division.

Learning this after the fact can be a major headache for anyone trying to purchase a home in these challenging times and the last thing a potential seller wants to learn at the eleventh hour is to find out that the wood or pellet stove in their home may not be legally useable if they plan on listing it on the housing market.

To make sure the wood and pellet stove in a home is certified as legally useable within Washoe County to help keep the air quality in the region cleaner or to be certain there won’t be any issues during the sale of a home, have peace of mind by trusting the experienced and certified professional inspectors at Grush Inspections.

We are available now to make sure any wood or pellet stove in Washoe County is up to code and are standing by to conduct inspections now!

Contact Grush Inspections today to request an inspection and receive a quote online or give us a call at 775-323-1117.

For further information on local regulations on wood burning devices, visit Washoe County Air Quality Division’s website.