For those born and raised in the Northern Nevada area or a new resident calling the region home, buying a home is difficult and complex. From navigating the sales process, qualifying for a loan and prepping for the upcoming move, worrying about the condition of the home that is being purchased is something that factors into the stress.

Let the professionals at Grush Inspections take away some of that burden and leave it to us to find any and all potential issues within that newly purchased home or before a major renovation of a property. Professional inspection services for a home are needed to ensure that everything is in working order or at least identified so buyers don’t run into any costly surprises down the road or in the middle of a remodel.

What Does a Residential or Commercial Inspection Accomplish?

reno home and commerical inspection service

As both a residential and commercial property inspection company serving the Reno, Sparks and Northern Nevada region, Grush Inspections covers the full spectrum of inspection services. We believe a professional property inspection should be simple, concise and honest.

At Grush Inspections we have dedicated our business to providing a host of quality inspections that covers an entire property with no stones left unturned. Whether its a wood pellet stove inspection, commercial inspection, pest inspection and even sewer line inspections, we have our clients covered with any specific needs.

What Can Commercial and Residential Inspections Identify?

  1. Costly repairs before buyers close a deal on a property or expand on a property.
  2. Identify issues within the foundation of the building such as pests, mold or other harmful debris that can be detrimental to the structure of a home or commercial property.
  3. Problems in a home or commercial property that are safety issues, major defects, minor defects, or items that need to be closely monitored.

The importance of residential or commercial inspection are crucial for those who want to be ahead of the curve before a purchase. Trust our expert, master inspectors at Grush Inspections that offer more than 30 years of combined experience and provide thorough reports that are easy to read and delivered within one business day to our clients. Our work helps keep families and businesses safe from issues stemming from a uninspected property.

To learn more about our services or to schedule an inspection, contact our specialists online here or give us a call today (775) 323-1117  for a free consultation.