Are You a Veteran?

For the brave men and women who have risked their lives to maintain peace, unity and our rights as a country, all military/veterans will receive a 10% discount off of any structural inspection. Grush Inspections supports the armed forces and wants to thank you for your continued sacrifice for this nation.

Grush Inspections wants to offer you the best services for when you return home. Please inform the office when scheduling your inspections (residential or commercial) or let your inspector know at the time of inspection.

Residential and commercial inspections in Reno are so important to securing your home and business. When settling back in to life make sure that you are making sure you and your family are safe. Grush Inspections is happy to answer any and all questions over the phone, via email, etc., on any structural inspections or questions on your home and business.

What Does it Mean to Be a Veteran? This article from the Washington Post really gave us chills.