Home inspections might be the single most important part of property buying, and choosing who will perform the home inspection is a hard second. If you are looking for a full-service home inspection in Reno, look towards Grush Inspections.

Structural inspections for your Reno home are one of Grush Inspection’s specialties. There’s nothing worse than purchasing a home and finding that there are problems that will set back closing. A home inspection performed the right way by a Reno inspection company is an inexpensive way to identify costly problems and repairs as well as the overall condition of the home as soon as possible, rather than waiting for something to creep up later.


Choosing Grush Inspections as your home inspection guru is choosing a home inspector that will assist you in understanding exactly what you are getting yourself into with easy to read reports. A home inspection is an all-encompassing examination of the structural integrity of your home, don’t you want to ensure you’re choosing the right company to take care of such an important task?

We know there are many choices for home inspections in Reno and Grush Inspections will prove to you why we’re the best. We set high standards for ourselves and for the company and our dedication to the craft will exceed industry standards for Reno home inspection.

Grush Inspections offers flexible hours of operation and can work with your schedule no matter what the timeframe. We understand that life happens, but this is an important duty that must be handled with care. Grush Inspections will offer you more than just a structural inspection of your home, we offer peace of mind. Our inspection does not end once we finish our initial walk-through, expect to hear from us throughout the process of closing your home. We offer easy-to-read reports within one-business day and offer support and suggestions for things that may not be of issue at the moment, but could pose issues in the future.

Our critical eye and commitment to excellence have won the loyalty of many satisfied Reno homebuyers. We are constantly working on our inspections and guarantee their thoroughness. If you are looking for a home inspection, Reno inspectors from Grush Inspections are Nevada licensed Master, General, Residential, and Principal pest inspectors. Give us a call today and let us take a look at your home.