It’s getting cold in what seems to be out of nowhere, but Grush Inspections wants you to know they have you covered.

When the seasons change, it’s important to make sure that your wood stove is working properly, that you do not have any structural damage to the foundation of your home, such as wood-boring beetles or nasty fungi.

Residential and commercial inspections are an important step to prepare for the upcoming winter months.

When is the last time you have had your home inspected? Your commercial property? It is so unpleasant to deal with home repairs such as sewer line repair, wood stove maintenance, or pest control when it’s sub zero temperatures.

How do I schedule a Home Inspection?

Or commercial inspection for that matter? As master inspectors, our team is well-versed in home and commercial inspections and will provide you with the easy-to-read inspection reports, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to move forward if there are any issues found.

Scheduling home inspections or commercial inspections is a breeze when you use Grush. We have a talented and knowledgeable team of inspectors with experience in all areas of structural design to sewer line issues.

Contact Grush Inspections today and let us help you get your home or business ready for the colder seasons!