Need home inspections in Reno? We’re the inspection agency on Keystone you keep driving by, stop in! Before you purchase or sell a home in Reno it is very important to make sure you know exactly what you have on your plate in terms of your property.

With help from Grush Inspections, we can help you identify costly repairs before you buy or sell. A home is one of the most important and largest purchases many people make and going in blind can be extremely costly.

Grush Inspections is a home inspection company in Reno that will handle the dirty work for you. Not only do we have an experienced on-staff group of inspectors, we specialize in recognizing wood-destroying pests from A-Z, especially the most common in Reno. We perform air conditioner inspections, home inspections, commercial inspections, and more.

There are few inspection companies that do commercial and residential inspections and the two should be treated as two completely different things. Understanding the variance between a residential and commercial inspection is important.

Grush Inspections provides specialty inspection reports on building systems such as HVAC, roofing, structure, sewer, and pest.

The main goal in a commercial and residential inspection is to provide the potential new owner of the building the information they need to enter into the transaction with as much knowledge about the property as possible. Do not hesitate to use Grush Inspections as a valued resource for any questions or concerns you may have relating to your home or commercial properties. We will guide you to the correct resources and help you find the information you need when you need it.

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