As the weather grows colder and snow and rain are all we see in the forecast, it begins to get easier to identify pesky drafts and leaks in your property. From that dripping window to that breezy crack in the foundation, wood rotting, fungus, and pests – it seems the winter months cause the most issues.

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At Grush Inspections we can identify pest and insects, wood deteriorations, and other issues that can affect the integrity of your residential or commercial property. We are certified Master Inspectors, General Inspectors, Residential Inspectors and Commercial Inspectors that work to inform you of these issues.

Being unable to determine structural issues throughout your property can be frustrating, it can also cause you quite a bit of money if they are not properly identified. Our affordable inspections provide peace of mind in the Northern Nevada area and Washoe County District.

If you are unsure of the standing of your home or commercial property and wish to identify specific issues, contact Grush Inspections today. Our expert staff is readily available to answer questions before, during and after the inspection, as well as provide helpful tips.