Recently, the U.S. Census Bureau labeled Nevada the second-fastest growing state in the country by population. It is speculated that the growth is due to current residents raising more families in the state, as well as a boom in the technology sector with companies like Tesla and Amazon infiltrating the Silver State. This influx is predicted to increase the demand for residential and commercial buildings in Nevada. Potential buyers should always have their next residence or office inspected to ensure they are making an educated purchase for peace of mind down the line.

That’s where we come in. The experts at Grush Inspections are experienced in residential inspections, commercial inspections, HVAC inspections, fireplace inspections, sewer line inspections, and wood/pellet stove certifications. It’s our mission to make sure the elements of a home or office’s infrastructure are working harmoniously with its applications.

Not only can a proper inspection uncover issues, but it will make sure your future investment is up to code. Grush Inspections can identify whether a Reno home meets industry standards. We can help you get started with identifying which, if any, of a building’s features need to be modified to comply with Reno building regulations. Grush Inspections utilizes advanced technology that can quickly and effectively diagnose current and impending problems within a building’s structure and surrounding property.

In the instance that we find anomalies within the building’s structure, interior, ventilation, plumbing, HVAC, etc., then you can estimate repairs down the line and factor that into your decision. Whether you’re looking for an immaculate building free of issues, or a fixer upper (for those of you DIY’ers out there), you’ll know what issues lie within the building you are interested in before purchase.

If you are a current Nevada Resident, or are perhaps following the growth trend and are moving from out-of-state, it is essential to have your residential or commercial property inspected. We offer valuable services that can help you buy a great property in Reno. Contact Grush Inspections by phone at 1 (775) 323-1117 or via our website to request an inspection or quote.