Many of us, perhaps too many of us, procrastinate our home inspections and home maintenance services.

If it’s not broken, why fix it, right?

We at Grush Inspections, Inc. can appreciate that mentality under some circumstances, but procrastinating your heating inspection can be a costly, stress-inducing mistake. Your furnace and air conditioner are some of the most expensive appliances in your home. Caring for them well will increase their functionality and longevity.

Do I Really Need a Heating Inspection Before Purchasing My New Home?

The short answer is yes, definitely. Anyone that has turned on his or her furnace and unexpectedly discovered an issue knows the value of scheduling a certified furnace inspection. Quick-fix solutions such as space heaters, portable radiators, and even turning your oven on can temporarily bring the temperature back up in your home, but there is no substitute for a well-functioning furnace.

The scenario above may seem less urgent in the middle of September as we currently are. We haven’t yet said goodbye to summer, but temperatures are dropping and fall is undoubtedly on its way.

Before you desperately need your furnace is the right time to schedule a licensed HVAC inspection with your home inspection by the qualified inspectors at Grush Inspections, LLC.

What Will the Furnace Inspection Near Me Entail?

It might be tempting to open up YouTube and take your heating and cooling inspection upon yourself. We trust your ability to research, but some issues are best identified by professionals. Here is a quick look at some of the things our team of experts will assess.

  1. Does your heating or cooling unit have any loose electrical connections?
  2. Is there any evidence of a gas leak?
  3. Have any unwanted objects penetrated your heating or cooling unit?
  4. Are your air filters appropriate for the air quality you seek?
  5. Is your system properly winterized?

Besides a Functional Unit, Why Else Is an HVAC Inspection Helpful?

People will sometimes unnecessarily suffer in their own homes by not addressing the air quality.

HVAC inspection to help allergies graphic

Some of these health issues can be remedied by scheduling a heating inspection. Dust in the blower compartment of your furnace can contain allergens such as pollen, pet dander, mites, and more. Likewise, an incorrect or improperly-sized air filter can exacerbate these allergens and their effect on your body.

You will breathe and rest easier after Grush Inspections, LLC’s qualified sub-contractors examine the heating and cooling systems in your home. Give us a call today!