Winter weather can create a number of issues for homes and and commercial properties. From exposing leaking roofs to maintaining air conditioning units, there are some things that can be problematic during the harsh winter months.

In this blog, Northern Nevada’s Grush Inspections wants to highlight some things to prepare for and why now is the time for a proper home inspection before winter weather becomes worse.

How to Maintain Air Conditioning Units During Winter?

Anytime temperatures start to dip, it is recommended to not operate an air conditioning unit (or heat pump in the cooling mode) when outdoor temperatures fall below 60 degrees. Doing so will risk damaging the compressor.

The refrigerant may condense within the compressor and damage or ruin the valves, piston or other critical components. Liquids are not compressible and the compressor is designed to compress gaseous refrigerant, not liquid refrigerant. If this goes unchecked, it will eventually do more damage to the air conditioning unit and in a lot of cases, can completely destroy it.

Most people do not disconnect the power to their air conditioning unit in the winter, they just move the thermostat from cool to heat.

Grush Inspections can determine if heater and air conditioning units are able to withstand the harsh winter weather in Northern Nevada, which is highly recommended for properties with older heater and air conditioning systems.

Why Inspecting a Home’s Roof Before Winter is Important?

One of the main parts of the home that should be inspected is the roof.

Inspecting a roof while being present on the roof is the only way to do a thorough inspection of it. Scheduling the inspection before rain or snow moves into the area would not only be more safe, it will highlight any problems that may be present before more damage can be done during a storm.

The roof is a critical aspect of a home and our certified and experienced home inspectors guarantee that any issues will be identified. Additionally, Grush home inspectors will provide recommendations and solutions to address the issues in an easy to read report within one business day.

Scheduling an Inspection in Winter

Trying to inspect properties when snow is present makes the job a bit more difficult, so if looking for a home inspection in Reno, Sparks and the Northern Nevada region, try to schedule one before winter storms start passing through.

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