Winter inspections create a number of issues for home and owners and home inspectors, one of those important and challenging? The A/C unit. While there are many things that can be affected by winter weather, the A/C unit and roof are two of the most common that need repair once the valley starts thawing out.

Winter inspections present a number of safety issues, low temperatures, and access.

Trying to inspect when snow is present makes the job a bit more difficult, so if you are looking for a home inspection in Reno, try to schedule one before the weather gets any worse!

Inspecting from the roof is the only way to do a thorough inspection and give our clients what they expect. It is very important to choose an inspection agency that will go the required mile (not even the extra), meaning that we get up there because roof inspections are very important.

Thoroughly inspecting the roof to ensure there are no issues that go undetected can only be done by a Reno inspection service that is as dedicated as Grush Inspections.

Bottom line, the roof is a critical aspect of the home and a home inspector should do everything possible to ensure that the potential home buyer is made aware of all the knowledge possible regarding the roof, A/C units, heaters, and anything else that may cause issues when the temperature drops, and comes back again!

With the uncertain winters here in the Basin, snow one day and 65 degree weather the next, it can be seemingly impossible to navigate your winter or summer routines.

When it comes to your home, don’t take any chances. Let the certified and master inspectors at Grush Inspections take a look at your home, make sure there aren’t any major issues after the last of winter seems to fade away, and identify any potential problems you may have going into the summer months.

Contact Grush Inspections today and let us help you set up a wood stove inspection before the winter gets the best of you!